Local construction workers spread ‘Rumah Aman Gempa’

Three local construction workers were interested and surprised when the homeowner who asked for their services insisted that they use new construction techniques. “They showed us a handbook about earthquake safe construction techniques that we had never seen before. Prior to this we had heard about such a thing but we didn’t really understand the principles.” Explained 49-year-old Maezar, the project’s foreman. “ The book was really helpful, we learned a lot from reading it,” he continued. 

“We followed the instructions in the book, using 10 and 8mm steel, and the recommended mix for cement, sand and gravel for the new foundation. We also joined the walls and reinforced columns together.” The workers recalled. “The walls were built with reinforcements including wire to strengthen areas before applying the cement plaster.” 

“One of the challenges was the time it took to fully soak the bricks. Usually we just soak bricks for about five minutes, and this added a lot of time to the construction process, which impacts our wages and therefore the cost to the client”.

This inspired construction worker Maezar concluded by saying “We are really grateful to our employer and the Construction Clinic people. Not only did we get this job, we gained a lot of knowledge that can benefit our clients, and us, in the future. From now on we will explain to any homeowners who request our services about the contents of this book. It’s really important for them. Having this book really makes a difference”.