The Important Role of Local Community Radio Station

Community radio stations play a key role in socializing information for emergency response and disaster preparedness. The AIFDR/BNPB ‘Build Back Better’ Pubic Awareness Program included cooperation with and media distribution to several local radio stations. Their role in delivering relevant information about earthquake-safe construction techniques to local listeners in West Sumatra has been a pivotal part of program implementation.

In the district of Agam, damages of the September 30th Earthquake were assessed as 11,796 buildings severely damaged, 3,797 relatively damaged and 4,353 with minor damages. While in Padang Pariaman assessment results showed 57,931 severely damaged buildings, 6,291 relatively damaged and 12,945 with minor damages.

SAM FM radio in Lubuk Basung, Agam, Suandri FM in Padang Pariaman and Radio Kiambang FM in Padang Pariaman were some of the local stations in supported the Build Back Better program by socializing key information to local communities in these areas.

Jubrizal, a public servant from the Agam District Office also works at a local radio station SAM FM. He said that he found the broadcasted Build Back Better program’s radio PSAs to be very useful for increasing the community’s awareness about the importance of earthquake - safe construction. Jubrizal said that the PSAs broadcasted on his local station and the other Rumah Aman Gempa media items distributed in his area became the focal point for community discussion in his area.

"We received many call-in questions from our listeners. They are very interested in the advertisements and information that we broadcasted. Our station’s team was able to respond to most of the questions by referring to brochures and film received from IDEP.”

“Most of the questions we received were related to how aid distribution would be implemented, how the POKMAS would function, and how development of ‘Rumah Aman Gempa’ would be implemented during the recovery process,” Jubrizal was very glad to say. “Having the additional information on hand made it much easier for us to respond to these important questions from our listeners”.